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Streamline Your Managed File Transfer Process with SureSync MFT


Say goodbye to file transfer headaches and hello to SureSync MFT - the ultimate solution for streamlined data management.

Are you tired of dealing with slow and inefficient file transfers? Does managing data synchronization, replication, and archiving feel like a never-ending headache? Look no further than SureSync MFT, the ultimate solution designed to address the pain points of the modern IT department.

SureSync MFT offers:

  • Complete awareness of file states across all machines, minimizing network latency and ensuring data availability.
  • Real-time insights and extensive reporting capabilities for easy tracking of file progress.
  • Flexible processing options, granular control, and collaborative file sharing.
  • Simplified synchronization, replication, and archiving processes.

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 Tools for Effective & Efficient Multi-Server Data Management

SureSync helps you efficiently manage, automate, and monitor data throughout your network. Here’s how:

Centralized Management

The SureSync Desktop allows central management of all data management products network-wide.

Automated File Replication

Deploy fully automated replication & setting with scheduling and real-time capabilities.

Reliable Status Monitoring

Easily monitor your synchronized environment with Enterprise Status & Detailed Status applications.

Flexible Product Options

SureSync’s suite of products can be mixed and matched, putting you in charge of how your data moves through your organization.

Unlimited Data, One Price

Some data solutions charge based on usage. With Software Pursuits, you pay per server, no matter how much data is needed.


SureSync Makes Data Management Simple for Growing Enterprises

SureSync’s features will help you synchronize files between PCs or multiple servers and can be customized to fit a specific project or all your data management needs.

Server-to-server in SureSync Standard; additional Remote Differential Compression (RDC) and TCP/IP transmission options with SureSync Pro.

Scheduled processing in SureSync Standard; added real-time 24/7 option in SureSync Pro.

Synchronization/replication status monitoring and email monitoring alerts are available with both SureSync Standard and SureSync Pro.

Automate SQL backups and control jobs from a web browser with SureSync SQL Protection and SureSync Status Web.

Compare SureSync Product Suites

SureSync® Standard

SureSync® Standard enables secure file availability through flexible and reliable file synchronization and replication.


per server

Annual Subscription

  • File Replication & Synchronization
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • Basic Monitoring & Alerts

SureSync® Pro

Real-time, 24×7 file replication & synchronization for mission critical data via TCP/IP connectivity.


per server

Annual Subscription

  • Remote Differential Compression (RDC)
  • 24/7 Automation
  • Basic Monitoring & Alerts

SureSync® MFT

Real-time, 24×7 file replication & synchronization for mission critical data via TCP/IP connectivity.


per server

Annual Subscription

Learn About SureSync MFT
  • File Locking, Backup, Archiving, Synchronization & Replication
  • 24/7 Automation – UNC Paths
  • Advanced Monitoring & Alerts
Compare all features

SureSync® Standard

SureSync® Pro

SureSync MFT™

Replication & Synchronization Features


Remote Differential Compression (RDC)

TCP/IP Transmissions

File Locking

End User Locking Status

File Backup & Archiving



Real Time (24/7)

Real Time (24/7) - UNC paths


Synchronization/Replication Status

Email Alerts

Advanced Synchronization/Replication Status: View current and pending backlog

SureSync Pro and Standard Add-Ons

Choose options to optimize operations affordably with automated file replication & synchronization to Windows and non-Windows machines for mission-critical data.

Automate SQL backups and replicate backups to secondary storage or remote data centers.

SQL Protection

View job statuses, control jobs, and access logs from a web browser with Status Web.

Status Web

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