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Improve Data Availability & Recovery

Get scheduled and continuous data protection.

Ensure teams always have the critical files they need, when and where they need them, with scheduled and continuous data protection.

File synchronization and replication software enhance data availability and aid in file recovery in situations like outages or when data is deleted or damaged and needs to be recovered.

Protect your business against negative productivity and financial impacts by ensuring that employees can access the data necessary to perform their work efficiently.

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Synchronization ensures data availability.

Synchronizing data to another location helps ensure your data is available and prepares you for the unexpected. SureSync Standard enables easily scheduled replication and synchronization on a scheduled clock basis via UNC paths.

SureSync Pro’s Communications Agent adds performance-enhancing features such as:

  • Real-time change processing
  • TCP communications
  • Remote Differential Compression support to transfer only changed portions of a file
  • Compression/encryption during transmission
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File locking protects against simultaneous editing, lost data, and network latency.

File locking allows for the creation of multi-way file replicas. SureSync MFT users can work off local data while helping to prevent changes to a single file in multiple locations simultaneously. Employees can always access the current data off a remote office’s server if a server goes down. 

Our next-generation solution also offers a file archiving module enabling versioned file backups to both hard drive and cloud storage for quick restoration to a prior point in time, protecting against:

  • Accidental deletion
  • File corruption
  • Unintended edits
  • And more

The SureSync Suite's rich file synchronization, file replication, and file archiving features can help any business achieve greater file availability and recovery.

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Effective replication enables data availability.

A multi-server environment requires file synchronization, replication, and backup that can be better enabled with a managed file transfer solution (MFT). Our guide helps IT leaders understand and evaluate how a MFT can help meet organizational needs.


Protect Your Data and Ensure Its Availability


Enables flexible and reliable file synchronization and replication that provides secure file availability for distributed teams.

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SureSync MFT™

A powerful next-generation MFT solution that includes file locking and backups to ensure your data is protected and up-to-date for users worldwide.

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