Automate SQL Backups

SureSync SQL Protection

Don’t be caught without SQL backups! Automate SQL backups and replicate backups to secondary storage or remote data centers.

Affordable, automated solution for protecting critical Microsoft SQL databases.

SureSync’s SQL Protection provides an affordable, automated solution for protecting critical Microsoft SQL databases (SQL Server 2005 and newer) and the valuable information they hold.

You can then use SureSync’s SQL Protection to copy SQL backups to a server accessible via UNC path, IP address or DNS name.

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Key SureSync SQL Protection Features

Automate SQL Backups

Scheduling the backup tasks from SureSync’s integrated interface is simple, protecting your critical SQL databases from the same familiar SureSync user interface.

Standby Server

Automatically validate backup – restore process to the standby server proves that the backup files are valid and function correctly.

Backup Anywhere

Automatically copy backups to another server via UNC path. The TCP/IP-based Communications Agent can be used to copy to a remote server accessible via IP address or DNS name to create off site backups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The SureSync desktop allows you to work with all of our SureSync Data Protection & Availability Suite products. It is a simple matter of licensing. We always welcome your questions about licensing, so we can recommend the best fit for your SQL Data Protection needs along with file replication and synchronization. Contact Sales

Licensing is quite simple. All you need to do is count the number of SQL Servers you wish to protect and that is the number of licenses you require. Unlike some other solutions, SureSync has no data transfer charges.

Yes! Our maintenance contract is referred to as the Upgrade & Support Plan. It provides you with priority technical support via phone and email. It also gets you unlimited upgrades at no additional charge!

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