Avoid Costly Editing Errors & Wasted Time with File Locking  

Enable quick & accurate file updates between Windows servers.

Coordinate multiple file updates without confusion, anywhere & at any time 

When working on projects across teams, locations, and the cloud, random collaboration can cause organized chaos through haphazardly edited files that lead to:

  • Lower productivity
  • More errors
  • Lost revenue
  • Wasted time. 

File locking (a feature available only on SureSync MFT) enables collaboration without conflict, resulting in better and faster project outcomes.

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What is file locking?

File locking acts as a content referee by ensuring that only one person can modify a file at a time, preventing conflicts, discrepancies, and potential errors. It maintains project integrity and allows each collaborator to work confidently, knowing they have exclusive access when necessary.

How does file locking accommodate multiple edits?

When conflicts arise during file locking, SureSync MFT automatically resolves multiple updates by copying the latest changes. This feature ensures that the most recent modifications are preserved and additional updates are included in a sensible manner. You also have the option of resolving the conflict manually. 

This makes file locking vital in facilitating collaboration, maintaining data integrity, and enabling smooth workflow management among collaborators working on the same project, from all locations.

File Locking

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Server Room File Locking

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