SureSync v9 - New Features

New Features in SureSync 9

Take a look at the new features in SureSync and when you are ready to test them out, contact us for a trial of the new v9.

  • .Net 4.8 Support: All versions of .NET 4.x other than 4.8 have been sunset by Microsoft. SureSync 9 uses the latest supported 4.8 version.
  • SQL Database Only: Support for Access databases has been eliminated. Moving to SQL only allows for significant optimization of database operations helping with overall performance.
  • Enhanced Scan Performance: The performance of scanning has been enhanced, particularly with rescans.
  • Enhanced Retry Performance: The method of processing retries has been enhanced for increased performance in environments where many retries occur.
  • Foreign Character Set Enhancements: Support for foreign character sets within the SureSync database has been enhanced.
  • SQL Protection for SureSync Database: Your SureSync database can be protected with SQL Protection without a SQL Protection license.
  • Enterprise Status: Enterprise Status now has the capability to display Jobs in Groups.
  • Status Web: Status Web’s interface has been enhanced to group Jobs more efficiently and allow for better overall website performance.

Please note: Endpoint has been removed from SureSync 9. If you are licensed for Endpoint, please contact us about options for moving to SureSync MFT which includes a newly architected Endpoint solution.

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