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Tackle Modern Data Security & Access Challenges in Multiple Locations


An Evolved Managed File Transfer (MFT) System Addressing Modern Data Challenges

High file latency, delayed access, and overwhelmed network bandwidth translate to poor user experiences and lost productivity.

SureSync MFT is a next-gen managed file transfer solution that solves these challenges for growing enterprises, anywhere and at any time. Better file synchronization and replication ensures files are consistently up-to-date and there is transparency across users. 

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Next-Gen Controls to Rein In the Data Hydrant

SureSync MFT enables companies with multiple servers – be they physical or hybrid/cloud in nature – to have multiple copies of a file ready for use to speed up work and mitigate data loss around the globe and in the cloud. Here’s how:

Efficient Smart File Transfer

Lessen latency and speed transfers with our smart “Store and Forward” technology that minimizes WAN transfers.

File Locking and Locking Status

Prevent simultaneous file-changing confusion with multi-directional, real-time file locking to enable collaborative file replicas.

Precise Auditing and Logging

Status and logging allow you to see the state of your data across all machines and all user file changes from all locations.

Processing On Your Schedule

Process files on a clock basis or as changes are made in real time. You can schedule per path for total flexibility in sync with your needs.

Encryption and Compression

Securely transfer files and minimize bandwidth with multiple FIPS-certified encryption algorithms and throttle controls.

Current Status and Reporting

View current synchronization and replication status and pending backlog, and receive email alerts.


Powerful Tools for Evolving Data Security & Sharing Challenges

SureSync MFT’s key features give enterprises a secure, flexible, trackable and intelligent solution to address file distribution, synchronization, replication and archiving needs.

Server-to-server, Remote Differential Compression (RDC), and TCP/IP transmission functionality. 

Includes end-user locking status and file backup/archiving. 

Process files on a clock basis or as changes are made in real time. You can schedule per path and on UNC paths for total flexibility.

Securely transfer files with multiple FIPS-certified encryption algorithms, and minimize bandwidth consumption with bandwidth and throttle controls.

View current synchronization and replication status and pending backlog, as well as receive email monitoring alerts.

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SureSync® Standard

Cost-effective solution to ensure secure file availability through flexible and reliable file synchronization and replication.


per server

Annual Subscription

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  • File Replication & Synchronization
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • Basic Monitoring & Alerts

SureSync® Pro

Real-time, 24×7 file replication & synchronization for mission critical data via TCP/IP connectivity.


per server

Annual Subscription

Learn About SureSync Pro
  • Remote Differential Compression (RDC)
  • 24/7 Automation
  • Basic Monitoring & Alerts

SureSync® MFT

A powerful next-generation managed file transfer solution that solves modern data management challenges.


per server

Annual Subscription

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  • File Locking, Backup, Archiving, Synchronization & Replication
  • 24/7 Automation – UNC Paths
  • Advanced Monitoring & Alerts
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SureSync® Standard

SureSync® Pro

SureSync MFT™

Replication & Synchronization Features


Remote Differential Compression (RDC)

TCP/IP Transmissions

File Locking

End User Locking Status

File Backup & Archiving



Real Time (24/7)

Real Time (24/7) - UNC paths


Synchronization/Replication Status

Email Alerts

Advanced Synchronization/Replication Status: View current and pending backlog

Advanced File Management is Simplified with SureSync MFT

Sick of headaches in managing data synchronization, replication, and archiving? SureSync MFT is the ultimate solution designed to address the pain points of the modern IT department. We show you how SureSync MFT enables productivity with ease.

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