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. June 10, 2021

Special SQL Protection Discount | SPI Celebrates 45 Years

Software Pursuits has been offering innovative software solutions for 45 years. We celebrate our customers who have made our products successful. Don’t miss out on this special discount for SQL Protection! We are offering our loyal customers 50% off on SureSync’s SQL Protection licenses.

Are you running a SQL Express database for your SureSync deployment? If so, are you regularly backing it up? With SQL Express, you have limited backup options. If you’re not backing up your database, you really should be and SQL Protection can be used to implement the backup process in minutes!

SureSync SQL Protection provides a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for protecting mission-critical SQL databases. SQL Protection allows you to:

  • Automate SQL backups using the same user interface you’re already using for file synchronization.
  • Restore backups to a standby server to validate backups and speed recovery.
  • Quickly and securely transfer backups using the Communications Agent all over the world.

Contact our team today and we can easily add a SQL Protection trial to your existing SureSync environment and inquire about how you can take advantage of this special offer to our customers. We are grateful for the past 45 years and we look forward to continued success by offering innovative software and expert support. Learn more about SQL Protection.