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SureSync v8

A new version packed with powerful new features. Take a look under the hood of the new SureSync v8.

What's New?

Specializing in File Synchronization and
File Replication software solutions.

Software Pursuits, Inc. (SPI) has been providing innovative software and expert support since 1975. Our products provide IT professionals the means to automate tasks to manage data for continuous availability and data protection, distribution and sharing. We invite you to peruse our products and solutions to learn more about us. We also encourage you to engage our team to discuss your projects and assist you through every step.

Product Spotlight

SureSync Pro - Bit-Level Real-Time File Replication and Synchronization

SureSync Pro

SureSync Pro provides real-time replication & synchronization with many advanced features such as bit level processing and FIPS Certified encryption. The Pro bundle is our most popular offering within the SureSync Suite. Get started, learn more SureSync Pro and start your free 30-day trial.

SureSync Endpoint

SureSync Endpoint

Your workforce is remote and mobile. This also means that critical company data is remote and mobile. SureSync Endpoint allows you to replicate and synchronize files with your remote users, regardless of where they are! Download a 30-day trial and revolutionize how you manage data on your remote Endpoints!

SureSync SQL Protection

SureSync’s SQL Protection provides an affordable, automated solution for protecting critical Microsoft SQL databases and the valuable information they hold. You can employ SQL Protection to copy SQL backups to a server accessible via UNC path, IP address or DNS name. Streamline your SQL backups today!

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