Enable Effective & Transparent Collaboration Worldwide with Unlimited & Affordable Scalability

Conflicting file edits. Difficult file access from the cloud or a far-away office. File synchronization & replication can overcome these workplace efficiency barriers. SureSync MFT makes that solution affordable because you pay by server, no matter how much data is needed, giving you cost certainty.

Understand How the Right Managed File Transfer (MFT) Solution Optimizes Bandwidth & Integrates With Your Network

There’s a lot to consider when selecting and deploying a MFT solution. Our guides help IT leaders understand related challenges and the questions they should be asking, such as:

  • Is there a need for multi-directional real-time synchronization?

  • Can the MFT solution support the operating systems on the servers?

  • Does it use double encryption on all credentials?

  • Will data remain in my servers without it having to go to/through a vendor?

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Simple-to-Use File Management Solutions, Across Worksites & Industries 

Our SureSync and SureSync MFT Data Protection & Availability Suites provide a single interface with multiple solutions to enable fast and easy collaboration on-site, remotely, and across locations in industries such as:

  • Manufacturing and distribution

  • Government agencies and higher education

  • Construction and civil engineering

  • Professional services and finance

  • Healthcare and more

Compare our offerings and find the right fit for you.

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Unlimited Users & Data Help Your Business Scale Fast

SureSync is a specialized file management software solution that replicates, synchronizes, and archives data, allowing files to be shared, copied, backed up, and locked seamlessly. This allows businesses to scale fast without sacrificing safety or ease of use.

Unlimited & Affordable Scalability

With SureSync, you pay per server, no matter how much data is needed, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Global Accessibility for Multiple Users

Employees can work without conflict on the same documents anywhere and at any time.

Maximize Security for Safer Transfers

Encryption, a customizable TCP port, and other security-focused features create a secure transfer environment.

Meet Compliance & Safety Standards

Meet data safety mandates in government agencies, higher ed, construction, healthcare, finance & more.

Reliable Support for Business Continuity

Our knowledgeable customer service representatives can quickly respond to and resolve your issues.

Discover Cost-Effective Data Management

SureSync® Standard

SureSync® Standard enables secure file availability through flexible and reliable file synchronization and replication.


per server

Annual Subscription

Learn About SureSync
  • File Replication & Synchronization
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • Basic Monitoring & Alerts

SureSync® Pro

Real-time, 24×7 file replication & synchronization for mission critical data via TCP/IP connectivity.


per server

Annual Subscription

Learn About SureSync Pro
  • File Replication & Synchronization
  • Real-Time Automation
  • Basic Monitoring & Alerts

SureSync MFT™

A powerful next-generation managed file transfer solution that solves modern data management challenges.


per server

Annual Subscription

Learn About SureSync MFT
  • File Locking, Backup, Replication & Synchronization
  • Real-Time Automation
  • Advanced Monitoring
Compare all features

SureSync® Standard

SureSync® Pro

SureSync MFT™

Replication & Synchronization Features


Remote Differential Compression (RDC)

TCP/IP Transmissions

File Locking

End User Locking Status

File Backup & Archiving



Real Time (24/7)

Real Time (24/7) - UNC paths


Synchronization/Replication Status

Email Alerts

Advanced Synchronization/Replication Status: View current and pending backlog

Resource Downloads

Access downloadable resources to assist you while researching enterprise file-sharing solutions. 

MFT_Checklist_ThumbRate Your Current File Transfer Solution

This scorecard will help you judge your current MFT solution in areas like awareness, functionality, security and ease of management.

Product Selection Scorecard

DFS_vs_MFT_ThumbSolve DFS Challenges with an MFT Solution

This guide candidly looks at how DFSR solutions stack up against MFTs. Download the guide and see what you're missing.

DFS vs MFT Guide

DataAvailabilityGuide_ThumbWhat to Consider Before Deploying an MFT Solution

This guide looks at the challenges facing IT leaders and the questions they should ask before deploying an MFT solution.

Data Availability Guide

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Fast and powerful, just like your work

Streamline your file transfer process and gain complete awareness of file states across your network, get real-time insights and have granular control. 

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