SureSync Data Protection & Availability Suite provides file synchronization and file replication solutions for enterprise file management.

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File Replication and Synchronization Software

Replication and synchronization technologies are key components to network infrastructures, allowing IT Staffs to effectively protect, distribute, and share information between remote offices and disaster recovery data centers. SureSync is a cost-effective data management solution that provides you with flexible and reliable file synchronization and replication. Whether you need to synchronize files between PC's or multiple servers, SureSync will help you get the task done.

SureSync is a scalable software suite, offering a central desktop where you can manage multiple product solutions to meet your project requirements. You can review the information below to learn more, contact our Sales Team, or review the SureSync Bundle matrix.

New: SureSync v8

New features in SureSync v7.0


Manage replication & synchronization between your servers and telecommuters at home or on the road. Learn more

SQL Protection

Automate SQL Backups and replicate to off-site storage. Learn more

SureSync Collaboration

Complaints of slow access of remote files? Need to share files between remote sites? SureSync's Collaboration Bundle provides real-time synchronization with file locking, allowing users to share synchronized file copies. Learn more

SureSync Pro

The SureSync Pro Bundle provides many advanced features to optimize data availability and performance across WAN connections. Connect and replicate files to any Windows Server with a resolvable DNS or static IP. Learn more

SureSync Standard

The original SureSync Standard product provides many useful features to replicate files on a scheduled basis or on-command. Replicate and synchronize files between Windows Servers, non-Windows Servers, and NAS devices. Enable file synchronization and replication to any drive that you can connect to via UNC path, mapped drive, or even FTP. Learn more

Add Disk-to-Disk Backup to any SureSync Bundle

Maintain versioned copies of files with SureSync's ArchiveSync Add-on. Real-Time Continuous data archiving will ensure data is protected, even within those tight backup windows. You have complete control of the time intervales and the number of versions to backup. Learn more

SureSync for the Home Network

SureSync is built to handle the complexities of enterprise networks, but with its easy-to-use interface you can setup business strength file synchronization on your home network. If you are seeking file replication between your home PC's or looking to replicate files to an external hard drive, we recommend you start here: Download Free Trial