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Status Web

Status Web is a browser based application for the SureSync Suite, allowing expanded access to your replication & synchronization environment. Status Web allows you to monitor your critical data management environments all by simply launching your web browser. See common statistics updated in real-time including added, replaced, deleted and counters for warnings and errors. Gain the power to launch or terminate jobs all through the Status Web portal. When installed on a web server with access to the SureSync database, logs and alerts can be accessed from Status Web as well.

Key Features

Browser Based

You can’t be everywhere at once, but you can have your replication & synchronization environment at your fingertips.

Job Control

Status Web gives you the keys to your SureSync engine, allowing you to start & stop jobs with the click of a button.


Information Center

You need to know and you need to know quickly. Gain valuable insight into the status of your replication & synchronization environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Status Web licensed?

Licensing is quite simple. SureSync Status Web is licensed per Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) server running the software. In most environments, this will be a single license.

How do I find pricing for Status Web?

SureSync Status Web can be licensed in two ways. A license can be purchased for $895 with an optional Upgrade & Support Plan. Status Web is also offered on an annual subscription that includes the software and the plan. We encourage you to contact our sales team for a quote. Contact Sales

Can I purchase a maintenance contract with Status Web?

Yes! Our maintenance contract is referred to as the Upgrade & Support Plan. It provides you with priority technical support via phone and email. It also gets you unlimited upgrades at no additional charge! This plan can added to a license purchase or is included in the yearly subscription pricing.

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