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File Synchronization Software

Synchronize files between Servers, Desktops, or Laptops

What is it? And why is it important?

To synchronize something is to cause two or more items to occur or to recur at the same time or in unison. Thus to synchronize files is to make one or more files identical at the same point in time of synchronization.

File synchronization software is important because it provides several solutions to data management scenarios, such as redundancy, availability, recovery, sharing and distribution. The automation of these file management processes helps users implement disaster recovery plans, file sharing between workers at separate offices, and file distribution to remote sites. As data becomes increasingly vital in this digital age, it is essential that file synchronization software be reliable and efficient.

How does file synchronization differentiate from file replication?

Some sources will determine there is no difference between the two. While others will insist that file synchronization is more akin to bi-directional or multi-directional replication; meaning there is no source file. Whereas file replication denotes that there is a source file and a replica is being made of that source file and copied to one or more destinations.

If you think of file synchronization in terms of multi-directional replication, you can envision its usefulness when you need to share files between multiple machines whether they be servers, desktops, or laptops. Suppose you are synchronizing files between three servers (A, B, & C). When a file is updated on Server A, that update is then copied to B and C. Within synchronization, this is also true if the file is updated on Server C, those changes are then copied to A and B.

Does Software Pursuits offer both synchronization and replication?

Yes, Software Pursuits offers synchronization & replication through our SureSync product line. SureSync offers the flexibility to synchronize & replicate files between multiple machines. We offer a free 30-day trial which we encourage you to test for yourself.

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