Avoid File Conflicts

Avoid Editing Conflicts and Gain Useful Insights with a DFS-R Replacement

Patch Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) weak spots by leveraging a Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution to supplement your existing DFS.

While Distributed File System Replication (DFS or DFS-R) might be appropriate for basic needs, a high-volume environment can expose problems with the solution. 

SureSync and SureSync MFT are more than capable to replace the replication/synchronization portion of DFS while adding additional value with several significant features that make an IT department’s job easier.

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Here’s Where DFS-R Falls Short

DFS-R is fine for basic needs. But a high-volume environment imposes limitations, putting a cap on what you can do with your files, and how quickly and securely you can do it. Without a DFS-R replacement, the result is lost productivity and limited scale.

Simultaneous Editing Creates Chaos

Multiple users can create multiple updates on different servers before copies can be synchronized.

File Updates That Are Lost

File conflicts are resolved by replicating the newest file and losing changes made by other users.

Hard to See What’s Going On

Limited reporting options and not much feedback on replication progress.

Can’t Synchronize All Files

Files stored on FAT or ReFS volumes cannot be synchronized at all.

Only One Way to Replicate

Data replication is through one multi-way algorithm which can’t be changed.

Not Very Secure

Files encrypted with the Encrypted File System (EFS) cannot be synchronized.


What Your DFS-R Replacement Should Have (Hint: We Have It!)

A DFS-R replacement like SureSync MFT supplements your DFS-R by filling in those glaring weak spots. It enables coordinated, transparent, and safe file updates down the hall, in the cloud, and around the globe, empowering productivity continuity and scale.

When a user opens a file, lock all other copies involved in the synchronization on any server, anywhere in the world. 

Detailed logging of all actions, including additions, modifications, deletes, renames, warnings, and/or errors.

Gain a real-time view of current synchronization tasks, file locking status, and who has what file open.

Our detailed alert system can notify you via e-mail of issues that need to be looked at.

Synchronize files encrypted with the Encrypted File System (EFS).

Utilize one-way or multi-way rule methods and synchronized files stored on FAT or ReFS volumes.

Replace Your DFS-R

Software Pursuits offers software that will replace your DFS-R, giving you greater efficiency, visibility and control of your file management. 

SureSync enables flexible and reliable file synchronization and replication that provides secure file availability for distributed teams.

SureSync Suite

SureSync MFT is a powerful next-generation MFT solution that ensures files are consistently up-to-date with transparency for users across the world.

SureSync MFT
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Compare a DFS-R Replacement Against the Incumbent

Put your options up to the test: compare Microsoft’s DFS-R tool to SureSync MFT, and go deeper into differences that dictate your productivity and scale.