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SureSync for Distributed File Systems

Best DFS Replication Solution

SureSync Combines Synchronization, Flexibility, and Transparency to Distributed File System

While Distributed File System Replication (DFS or DFS-R) might be appropriate for basic needs, a high volume environment can expose problems with the solution. SureSync is more than capable to replace the replication / synchronization portion of DFS while adding additional value with several significant features that make an Information Technology department’s job easier.

With SureSync’s variety of product bundles, you can select the right data management solution to meet your requirements. Whether you need cross-platform replication, real-time synchronization, file locking or more insight into your replication environment; we can help guide you to the appropriate solution.

Standout Features that Make Customers Choose SureSync

File Locking

Multi-directional synchronization ensures that wherever a change is made, those changes are synchronized with other servers/sites. When you encounter a situation where a file is changed on multiple servers by different users at the same time, multi-directional synchronization can be problematic. Microsoft DFS-R uses a “last writer wins conflict algorithm” where the most recent file change wins, meaning the losing files have their changes overwritten.

SureSync has this option but also offers powerful collaboration features such as File Locking, which provides one user at a time read/write privileges while the others have read-only access. The users can be in offices down the hall, across the country, or around the world.


Microsoft DFS has extremely limited reporting options and provides little feedback on progress, limiting the transparency of the your replication environment.

On the other hand, SureSync provides a great deal of reporting with detailed logging of all actions performed by the software. This includes all additions, modifications, deletes, renames and any warnings or errors.

The Detailed Status panels show a live, real-time view of a synchronization task’s current operations. When you deploy SureSync Collaboration with the File Locking functionality, the Detailed Status panels will also report file locking status such as who has files open for read/write access.

SureSync has a detailed alert system which can notify you via e-mail of issues that need to be looked at. From Enterprise Status, you can easily trigger retries of individual actions that encountered an issue. Enterprise Status pulls all of replication & synchronization tasks together in a single panel, giving you a bird’s eye view of your SureSync environment.

Ready to Change Your DFS Environment?

Experience the power of SureSync’s enterprise grade file replication and synchronization in your own network today. Get rid of your complaints about DFS!

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