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SPI News >> Product Tips: Using Path Variables to Organize Data on the Endpoint Server

When configuring a source path in an Endpoint Job, you can select the server path or “SureSync Endpoint Clients.” The “SureSync Endpoint Clients” designation means that all Endpoint laptops or workstations should be a source for the particular Job. This introduces a challenge on the server side in certain situations. For example, assume Endpoint provides a couple of powerful variables to automatically create folders to organize data being transferred from the Endpoint machines to the server.

The two variables are %ClientComputer% and %ClientUser%. For example, let’s assume you want to synchronize each users Documents folder to the server for backup purposes. Your server path could be defined as D:\Backups\%ClientComputer%. This will create a folder named after the NetBIOS name of the Endpoint machine. For example, D:\Backups\Laptop1. Each connected Endpoint will back up their data into their own folder, keeping everything nice and organized.

What happens if multiple users use the same laptop? You can use %ClientUser% to address this which can be combined with %ClientComputer%. For example, D:\Backups\%ClientComputer%\%ClientUser%. When an Endpoint on Laptop1 connects with User1 logged in, data would then be copied to D:\Backups\Laptop1\User1.

With these powerful path variable, the administrator remains in control of where data is stored on the Endpoint server. This allows you to easily leverage multiple Endpoint clients per Job without having to worry about the organization of data. Just one more way Endpoint is solving the complex file synchronization and replication problem introduced by remote, mobile laptops.

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