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Product Features . September 28, 2018

SQL Protection – Restore with Standby

SureSync’s SQL Protection allows you to quickly and easily perform backups of your mission critical SQL server databases using the SureSync interface you’re already familiar with.

One of the most powerful features of SQL Protection is the ability to automatically restore the database to a second standby server. This allows for automatic validation of the backups because the backup file will have been successfully restored on that standby server. This feature also speeds recovery time in the event of a permanent failure of the main SQL server.

With v8, this feature of SQL Protection has been further enhanced with the “Restore with Standby” restore mode. This allows the database to be accessible on the standby server in a read-only mode. In an environment where the main SQL server is heavily utilized, offloading some of the query processing for read-only queries to a second server can reduce load on the system.

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