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. April 27, 2021

Product Tips: Easily Skip Temporary, Hidden and System Files

To improve synchronization efficiency, consider using dfs replication software that can effortlessly exclude files that you do not wish to copy. For example temporary, hidden and system files are simply part of a file system. Microsoft Office apps create temporary files when they are open. Windows creates files like thumbs.db in directories automatically. A $RECYCLE.BIN folder exists in the root of every volume. None of these types of files provide benefit on another machine and add overhead to a file synchronization software.

SureSync can filter on file masks, folder attributes and file attributes. Even with that ability, easily excluding the various temporary, hidden and system files can be a challenge that requires multiple changes to your Rule definition.

There is an easier way! If you click on a Job and navigate to the Options tab, you will find two relatively new options. Simply check “Skip Temporary Files” and “Skip Hidden and System Files” to apply internal Rules to skip processing these files. This will help make your synchronizations more efficient by eliminating processing of files that are not of value to the other computers. Implementing our advanced file replication software helps avoid unnecessary data transfer by automatically excluding non-essential files.