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Product Features . September 07, 2017

Delta Copies and Compression

File transfers must be efficient when synchronizing files over WAN links. This includes transferring files to cloud providers such as Azure or Amazon AWS. Data sets continue to grow and upload speeds of Internet connections have not always kept up. An efficient file synchronization application like SureSync is a critical part of your network infrastructure when you have a need to share files between multiple office locations.

SureSync Pro and SureSync MFT offer several performance-enhancing features that can be used to perform critical file transfers as efficiently as possible. Important features include:

Change Journal Support

When synchronizing via UNC path, a folder structure must be completely scanned each time a Job is run to detect change. When scanning over a connection with latency, this scan can significantly slow down processing. With the Communications Agent, the NTFS Change Journal is used to minimize scanning.

With the Change Journal, a full scan is not needed each time a Job is run, and subfolder scans are used only when optimal. This one feature alone will significantly increase the speed of your file synchronization and file replication jobs.

Delta Copies

The Communications Agent will utilize Microsoft’s Remote Differential Compression (RDC) functionality to copy only the changed portions of a file when replacing a file with an updated version. Copying only the changes can greatly reduce the amount of bandwidth needed for that file transfer.

Learn more: How to determine if Remote Differential Compression is installed and how to enable it


The Communications Agent can compress the data stream during transmission to further optimize file transmissions. The compression routines will cause the Communications Agent to use some CPU time to process the compression while reducing the amount of data that needs to be transferred across slower connections.

SureSync is a feature-rich, enterprise-grade application designed to make file synchronization and replication tasks efficient and easy. The Communications Agent unlocks powerful performance benefits when transferring files over WAN connections. If you have questions, please contact our team for further details.