SureSync Suite: Upgrading to Version 9.0


SureSync 9.0 Upgrade Information

Thank you for your interest on our newest version of SureSync. Below you will find the resources to learn more about the new version and how to get started. We encourage you to Contact Us if you need assistance.

Step-by-Step Instructions

The PDF document below will help you upgrade your SureSync and Add-on products.

Upgrade & Support Plan?

If you are a current customer and have a valid Upgrade & Support Plan, you can use our online form to have a new version 9.0 license created & emailed to you.

Important: Once you have upgraded your licenses, you will be unable to activate/deactivate licenses from the older version. Process any necessary activation/deactivation requests before requesting your upgrade.


SureSync Downloads

Click on the link below to download the current version of SureSync and Add-on products.


Need More Info?

If you do not have an Upgrade & Support Plan or have questions about upgrading, please fill out the form below so a member of our team can get you the information you need to get started with the latest version of SureSync.