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Your workforce is remote and mobile. This also means that critical company data is remote and mobile. How do you protect data on mobile laptops? How do you distribute files to telecommuters on the road or at their home office?

SureSync’s Endpoint product allows you to replicate & synchronize files with your remote users, regardless of where they are!

  • No shared cloud storage – setup synchronization between your internal servers and mobile workforce
  • No monthly fees – you own the licenses!
  • No individual consoles – setup & manage from a central server

Endpoint is one of many software solutions you can deploy with the SureSync Suite, offering you multiple methods to manage, protect, and share company data.

Key Features

Centralized Management

Endpoint allows your IT team to be in control of data storage. An administrator can configure a Job once on the server and assign it to multiple clients.

Certified Encryption

By default, all data transmissions with SureSync are encrypted with FIPS certified encryption, allowing you to securely transmit data between server and Endpoint client over the Internet.

Replication Everywhere

Endpoint clients connect and replicate files between your server when and wherever they have internet access, ensuring your endpoint users have files protected on the server and are using the most current files on their laptops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I license SureSync Endpoint with other products in the SureSync Suite?

Yes! The SureSync desktop allows you to work with all of our SureSync Data Protection & Availability Suite products. It is a simple matter of licensing. We always welcome your questions about licensing, so we can recommend the best fit for your replication & synchronization needs. Contact Sales

How is SureSync Endpoint licensed?

Licensing is quite simple. All you need to do is count the number of “endpoints” involved in replication as sources or destinations. “Endpoints” are generally any PC running a supported Windows Operating System (i.e. laptop or desktop).

How much does SureSync Endpoint cost?

Pricing for SureSync Endpoint starts out at $495 for a 5-pack. We offer quantity discounts and encourage you to contact our sales team for a quote and inquire about the Upgrade & Support Plan. Contact Sales

Can I purchase a maintenance contract with SureSync?

Yes! Our maintenance contract is referred to as the Upgrade & Support Plan. It provides you with priority technical support via phone and email. It also gets you unlimited upgrades at no additional charge!

Which SureSync Suite product is the best for me?

Take a look at our product comparison.

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