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SPI News >> Availability with File Synchronization to the Cloud

Disaster recovery and maintaining availability used to require dedicated hardware that would largely sit idle waiting for network outages, or worse, disasters to occur. Idle infrastructure costs money that is largely wasted. The cloud has been a game changing development in this space for IT teams, enabling a company to rapidly bring up a virtual environment allowing employees access to files and vital information to stay productive. In a disaster scenario, the virtual environment can be connected via site-to-site VPN connections. This allows users in unaffected offices to quickly regain access to critical files and systems.

The cloud for disaster recovery and availability is not without challenges. One of the primary issues is ensuring that your company’s data is present and up-to-date in the cloud. A functional virtualized office without the most recent user data is useless. Transferring files can be a time consuming and an error prone process without an enterprise grade file synchronization solution. SureSync can quickly and efficiently move your data into the cloud and keep it current in an automated manner.

SureSync’s TCP based Communications Agent provides a number of performance enhancing features for performing high volume file synchronization. To get started, simply install the Communications Agent in a virtual machine in the cloud with adequate storage attached. You have the option to use features such as Remote Differential Compression (RDC) deltas, compression, encryption and Change Journal support to efficiently keep a cloud copy of your critical data available. Data can be moved continuously as files change with a Real-Time Monitor, 24x7.

Building an environment in the cloud is only part of the puzzle. You cannot achieve true cloud disaster recovery and availability without up-to-date copies of your critical files. SureSync’s powerful feature set can be a critical piece of your company’s cloud solution.

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