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SureSync Collaboration with SyncLockStatus is
File Sharing Improved

SureSync redefines how files are shared between remote offices with File Locking and SyncLockStatus

When sharing files between remote offices, companies generally find users complaining about lag time to access remote files. Deploying file synchronization software can remedy this problem by providing users local access to files which they can open quickly, edit, and save their changes. Those changes are then synchronized back to other offices to provide all users access to the most up-to-date information within those files.

What happens when two users attempt to open the same file in different offices? If you're using other synchronization products, then you are familiar with file conflicts and the lack of feedback to end users about who has the file open. SureSync's File Locking and SyncLockStatus Add-ons solve these problems. File Locking ensures that only one user will have read-write access to a file at one time. While the SyncLockStatus Add-on keeps users in the loop on who has the file open and when it is available for editing.


File Locking

Questions? Contact our team to discuss your file synchronization project and how file locking can help. We are eager to provide you with the information and a great experience with our software.