Windows File Server & Share Migration

Server migration with MigratePro - migrate shares, share settings, and more.Migration projects can be quite the daunting task. So many aspects to be concerned about, as well as settings on old hardware. Simply migrating a share from your old hardware to your new hardware could mean hours of work and the process can be riddled with opportunity for error or worse, data loss.

Our MigratePro software will help you tackle your migration project and will take on the grunt work so you can focus on all of those other tasks that keep you buried.

Benefits of MigratePro

  • Automatically migrate Local Users and Local Groups without needing to manually create them on new hardware.
  • Alleviate security concerns as MigratePro preserves NTFS permissions from old hardware to new.
  • Maintain data integrity with MigratePro's proprietary copying engine.
  • Full Automation - Schedule consolidation projects for off-hours to lessen the impact on your network and end users.
  • Minimize setup time of new hardware by eliminating the time you spend on manually configuring share paths & settings.
  • MigratePro can even copy open files, just in case your favorite end user left a few open for you and has left for the day.

MigratePro: Server Migration & Consolidation
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