Windows File Server & Share Consolidation

File server consolidation eases energy concerns and allows for simpler administration of fewer servers. As servers increase in power and amounts of storage within a server are expanded, they are able to handle much more than the aging file servers in one's network. Many companies are therefore seeking to consolidate their servers; to replace several old servers with one "mega" server, handling multiple users and shares.

With a consolidation project, several concerns arise, such as the migration of the shares from the old hardware to the new. Our MigratePro software will help you tackle this task and will take on the grunt work so you can focus on all of those other tasks that keep you buried.

Benefits of MigratePro

  • Promote energy savings by consolidating multiple servers into a single server.
  • Minimize server administration with fewer servers by hosting multiple shares on a single server.
  • Automatically migrate Local Users and Local Groups without needing to manually create them on new hardware.
  • Alleviate security concerns as MigratePro preserves NTFS permissions from old hardware to new.
  • Full Automation - Schedule consolidation projects for off-hours to lessen the impact on your network and end users.
  • Minimize setup time of new hardware by eliminating the time you spend on manually configuring share paths & settings.

MigratePro: Server Migration & Consolidation
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