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MigratePro's New Features

Our current release of MigratePro offers powerfurl new features that will help ensure your server migration projects perform quickly and efficiently.

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Continue reading to discover the new features and their benefit for you share migration projects:

  • Multi-Threaded Engine (Parallel Processing)

    MigratePro 6.0 introduces a new file copy engine that is completely multi-threaded. This enhancement allows a single MigratePro job to handle multiple tasks at the same time. For example, one job might be scanning a directory tree and copying 3 files at the same time. Parallel processing / multi-threading results in a substantial performance increase, reducing the amount of time it takes to complete a migration task.

  • File Resumes

    MigratePro now supports resuming a file transmission which was interrupted due to an error or a network communication problem. For example, if MigratePro is half way through a 1GB file when a network communication problem results in a dropped path, the program will resume that file from the halfway point instead of transmitting the entire file over the network again from the beginning. This feature reduces bandwidth consumption and allows your migration jobs to finish faster when working on shaky network connections.

  • Job Log Enhancements

    The Job Log has been enhanced with new filters and search tools to make it easier to find the data that you're looking for in large log files. The new Job Log can also display log files of any size without the need to export to Excel eliminating the "job log too large to display" message previous versions would encounter when displaying very large job log entries. Please see the MigratePro Job Log topic for more information.

  • Preview Enhancement / Trial Run

    MigratePro 6 introduces a new preview mode called Trial Run. When you perform a Trial Run, a text file with an extension of .SPI_Preview will be generated which shows all of the actions that the job would take if you actually ran it. The generated text file can easily be opened and reviewed using Microsoft Excel. The Trial Run completes much faster than a traditional preview. This is useful when you do not need the full Preview functionality such as overrides and just want to take a quick plain text view at what actions a job will perform. Please see the Trial Run topic for more information.

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