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Software Pursuits, Inc. (SPI) has been providing innovative software and expert technical support since 1975. Our goal is to provide reliable data management software for our customers so you can solve everyday complex computing projects. Hello.

Software Pursuits develops SureSync for disaster recovery, file distribution, centralized backups, and improved availability of data.

SureSync Downloads

The links below allow you to download our 30-day trial version, update your current SureSync and Add-on installations, or download prior versions of SureSync.

Server Bundle Trial | Workstation Trial

Update | Old Versions | SureSync Home Page

SureSync is a file synchronization & replication software solution; providing data protection, disaster recovery, data distribution, and file collaboration.

MigratePro Downloads

The links below allow you to download our 30-day trial version or update your current MigratePro.

Trial | Update | MigratePro Home Page

MigratePro for simple and efficient server and share migration.

Mainframe Downloads

The links below allow you to access downloads for the mainframe products.

Mainframe Support & PTFs | Mainframe Downloads

Software Pursuits provides migration software, replication software, and synchronization software.